Sabtu, 29 Agustus 2009

Card Math

Required: Deck of cards, paper and pencil
Players: Two

If you need a fun way to learn multiplications with your child try this game. Both of you should have a pencil and sheet of paper. Make five lines in a column on one corner of both papers and then a small line below the far right of the column for a total sum amount. Start out with a deck of cards and use only the 1’s through 5’s. Shuffle the cards and deal two faced up the other player. They are to write down the two numbers, multiply them and write the answer in a tally column. You then deal two cards to yourself, say the multiplied sum out loud and write the answer on your paper. Then repeat until all the cards are gone. At that point you should both have five sets of cards. Tally up the to answers on both sheets, the person with the highest number is the winner. You can play again until you have mastered 1-5’s. Do this a couple times of week for a few minutes a day. Once they can do 1-5’s you can replace the lower numbers with the next higher set of cards 2-6’s, 3-7’s or make the columns longer example 2-7’s.

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