Sabtu, 10 Oktober 2009

Guess That Smell

Required: Cotton Balls, Empty Film Tubes with lids, and different liquid extracts
Players: Small to large groups

Place one cotton ball in each empty film tube and poke a hole through the lid of each tube so you can easily smell the scent inside. For each cotton ball choose one scent to be added to the cotton ball. You can place numbered tags on the bottom of the tubes that correspond with a master list. Here are some ideas of scents to add to cotton balls, lemon, peppermint, vanilla, garlic, orange, bacon, cherry and coffee. The person that correctly identifies the most scents is the winner.

Games : Flyer Golf

Required: Flyers, play area, ribbon markers, score cards and pencils
Players: Small to medium groups

Set up a flyer golf course; if indoors use a soft flyer like the Fun Gripper Flyer or Finger Zinger. Use ribbons or colored tape to mark off each target, they can be attached by tying, tacking or taping. Have a starting point and one by one, players should throw their flying disc trying to hit the first marker. If anyone hits the target they will get a one on their scorecard for the first target. The player closest to the target will try again until they hit the target. You will take turns again until everyone has completed the task of hitting the first target. They will record the number of times it took to hit the first target. Then you will move on to the next. At the end, the person with the lowest score wins. If you have a combination of younger players or handicapped participants, allow for advancing these players 3-5 feet closer to the target.