Sabtu, 19 September 2009

Head Catch

Required: Disposable plastic bowl, elastic, glue and
Fun Gripper Bean Bag Set or Fun Gripper Juggle Set
Players: Small to medium groups

Purchase some disposable plastic cereal bowls at the store. Take two bowls and carefully hot glue the two bottoms together or you can use other reliable glue that will quickly dry permanently. Measure out elastic band so that it will keep the bowl attached to the top of someone's head. Attach the elastic by stapling or poking small holes and tying it off. If for a party you can decorate these hats ahead of time with the theme. You can use stickers, permanent markers or paint that will stick to plastic.

To play with these newly made items you can do several variations.

One game you can play is a relay game. Each team receives a bowl hat and the first person puts on the hat and stands about 3 feet away from the next person in line. The second person in line throws whatever soft objects you have chosen in the air, to attempt to get one into the bowl hat. Once they accomplish that, the throwing person moves up to the catching spot and the next person is the thrower. The catcher moves to the back of the line. You rotate until the first catcher is throwing and has accomplished that task. The first team done is the winner. You can mark off throwing and catching lines so that all players move to the correct locations.

To use this game idea for a birthday party, you can make it so that everyone gets a hat. Have them decorate their own hat then give each player a soft item to try and catch. The first person to make a catch is the winner. You can then keep playing the game individually with 3 to 5 catches and they win. Or you can have them in pairs where one is the thrower and one is the catcher. Then they can switch sides after the task is accomplished. The first pair to sink two shots wins.
Submitted by R. Scheel, Fun-Attic Inc.

Rabu, 16 September 2009

Magic Carpet

Required: Shower curtains from the dollar store
Players: Small to large groups

Game of the Month 12/02

Set up teams of 8 to 12 players. Each team will be given one shower curtain as a magic carpet and all team members will be standing on it. You start out the game by telling teams the following:
You are on a magic carpet, up in the sky. You’ve discovered that you’re not going anywhere because your carpet is upside down. The object is to flip the carpet back upright without anyone stepping off into the abyss. You may use your hands. The team that reverses its carpet first without anyone stepping off is the winner.
Submitted by Merrily, Mary Nolte

Sabtu, 12 September 2009

Games : Ice Bowling

Required: Winter weather with icy play area or indoor ice rink, one galloon plastic milk jug, 10 plastic 2 liter pop bottles and food coloring
Players: Small groups

Fill all plastic bottles and milk jug with colored water, and freeze. Clear off snow on an icy play area about 10 feet by 4 feet and then set up the ten bottles at one end. The bottles should be set up in a pyramid, 4 in the back, then 3, then 2, and then 1 in front. Players will take turns trying to knock down the bottles with two sliding throws of the milk jug. One or two players should be placed a few feet behind the targets to return a sliding throw back to players, without knocking down targets. You can even play this game while on ice skates.

Selasa, 08 September 2009

Blinded Number Line

Required: Blindfolds and numbered tags
Players: Small to large groups

Provide blindfolds for all the players. You can have players bring a blindfold or make them out of cheap thick material. Set up teams into groups of 5-7 players. Every player will get one blindfold and will be instructed that they will receive a small tag with a number. They are to read that number to themselves and not let any other player see it. They cannot talk or even react when they read the number because that could give it away. Once all players have read their number they will be instructed to put on their blindfolds. When the leader of the game signals, all players on each team will try to put their members into a numerical order line. When they have accomplished this and are correct they are the winners. But it’s not that easy because here is how you’ll number each set of tags for each team: negative 2, negative 1, zero, 1 and 2. This numbering system is for 5 players per team. Just add additional numbers for larger teams. If your working with lower grade school players try 2, 4, 5, 9, and 11, that system can cause enough confusion. The game will require all players to work as a team as they cannot talk. They can only communicate with their hands to communicate their numbers.
Submitted by Audrey Dodson - Grand Rapids, MI

What a neat team building game. After this game have players reflect on how frustrated they felt when they were handicapped on communicating information. How do the disabled feel when they cannot communicate?

Games : Bean Bag Target Toss

Required: Five Flingocks, bean bags, or smooth stones
Players: Two to six for each target

Playing Area: Three concentric circles are drawn on the floor, start with a 10", then 20", and then 30".

Points allotment: 10 points -10" center
5 points - 20" boundary
2 points - 30" boundary
1 point - on the line
Each player takes a turn throwing bags toward the target about 10 to 15 feet away. To score, toss must be completely in boundary and not touching a line. After each player is given five throws and the score is determined from the final position of that person’s five tosses.
Variations: You can compete against each other by alternating throws.

Exchange Change Game

Required: Pennies, nickels, dimes and one die
Players: Two or three

A learning game that will help preschoolers to early grade schoolers learn money combinations. To play this game with 2-3 players, start out with 10 dimes, 6 nickels, and 15 pennies. The first player will roll the die and what ever number comes up from 1-6 they will take that many coins. If they roll a six they can take six pennies, but then they have to exchange 5 pennies for a nickel. After a few times of having to exchange them they’ll learn to pick a nickel and one penny. The next player will do the same and take the allotted amount. On the players next turn they take the allotted coins, but if they end up with five pennies they exchange them for a nickel and if they have two nickels they have to exchange them for one dime. When all the dimes are gone the game is over and all players count out their change. The person with the highest number wins. For the next level of learning money combinations add 10 quarters and then the next level you can add dollar bills.

Games : Doo Bags

Required: Small Ziploc storage bag, styling gel (Dippetty Doo) and food coloring

Measure out about 4 tablespoons of styling gel into a Ziploc bag and add several drops of food coloring. Close bag while removing any air in bag and then have kids mix food coloring around in gel until all one color. Once mixed have the kids lay the bags on a flat surface and now they can practice writing their letters or numbers. A great activity to help improve fine motor skills. Keep track of where they take their bags and advise them not to open them so they don’t make a mess.
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Kamis, 03 September 2009

Permainan kelompok : Ayo Pindah!

Alat : Kursi
Partisipan : Perseorangan
Waktu : 10 menit

Semua partisipan duduk melingkar. Anda mulai aktifitas ini dengan mengatakan: "Setiap orang yang me-makai sepatu berwarna coklat pindah 5 kali ke samping kanan."

Partisipan yang sesuai dengan kriteria itu menghitung orang di samping kanan sampai orang kelima. Setelah itu ia menghampiri kursi itu. Tentu saja masih ada orang yang menempati kursi itu. Karena itu dia harus menyuruh penghuninya pergi. Caranya dengan memberi perintah sesuai dengan kriteria orang tersebut. Misalnya dia adalah guru sekolah minggu, maka perintahnya begini:"Setiap orang yang jadi guru Sekolah Minggu, pindah ke samping kiri 3 kali."

Tentu saja, kadangkala ada lebih dari satu orang yang sesuai dengan kriteria itu. Akibatnya mereka akan berebutan memberi perintah. Acara menjadi sedikit kacau. Di sinilah serunya aktifitas ini. Namun Anda tidak perlu campur tangan. Biarkan mereka yang mengatur diri mereka sendiri.

Permainan ini dikutip dari serial "Permainan Asyik". Dapatkan buku-bukunya dengan memesan di penerbit Andi dan penerbit Metanoia.