Sabtu, 19 September 2009

Head Catch

Required: Disposable plastic bowl, elastic, glue and
Fun Gripper Bean Bag Set or Fun Gripper Juggle Set
Players: Small to medium groups

Purchase some disposable plastic cereal bowls at the store. Take two bowls and carefully hot glue the two bottoms together or you can use other reliable glue that will quickly dry permanently. Measure out elastic band so that it will keep the bowl attached to the top of someone's head. Attach the elastic by stapling or poking small holes and tying it off. If for a party you can decorate these hats ahead of time with the theme. You can use stickers, permanent markers or paint that will stick to plastic.

To play with these newly made items you can do several variations.

One game you can play is a relay game. Each team receives a bowl hat and the first person puts on the hat and stands about 3 feet away from the next person in line. The second person in line throws whatever soft objects you have chosen in the air, to attempt to get one into the bowl hat. Once they accomplish that, the throwing person moves up to the catching spot and the next person is the thrower. The catcher moves to the back of the line. You rotate until the first catcher is throwing and has accomplished that task. The first team done is the winner. You can mark off throwing and catching lines so that all players move to the correct locations.

To use this game idea for a birthday party, you can make it so that everyone gets a hat. Have them decorate their own hat then give each player a soft item to try and catch. The first person to make a catch is the winner. You can then keep playing the game individually with 3 to 5 catches and they win. Or you can have them in pairs where one is the thrower and one is the catcher. Then they can switch sides after the task is accomplished. The first pair to sink two shots wins.
Submitted by R. Scheel, Fun-Attic Inc.

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